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Collection: Figurative Ornaments
Year Released Year Retired Right Now on eBay
A tree, a prayer Ornament20084
Abundance Ornament20165
Angel of Autumn Ornament200320040
Angel of Beauty Ornament200120036
Angel of Caring Ornament200320040
Angel of Comfort Ornament200220070
Angel of Freedom Ornament200120030
Angel of Friendship Ornament20017
Angel of Giving Ornament200120021
Angel of Grace Ornament200220072
Angel of Happiness Ornament200220040
Angel of Harmony Ornament200320070
Angel of Healing Ornament200120031
Angel of Hope Ornament20140
Angel of Hope Ornament200220141
Angel of Kindness Ornament200120031
Angel of Learning Ornament200120144
Angel of Light Ornament201420170
Angel of Light Ornament200120034
Angel of Miracles Ornament200420121
Angel of Patience Ornament200220030
Angel of Prayer Ornament20018
Angel of Protection Ornament200120030
Angel of Remembrance Ornament200220044
Angel of Song Ornament200120020
Angel of Summer Ornament200320040
Angel of the Garden Ornament200420062
Angel of the Garden Ornament200120020
Angel of the Heart Ornament200120145
Angel of the Hearth Ornament200120021
Angel of the Kitchen Ornament200720120
Angel of the Spirit Ornament200320040
Angel of Warmth Ornament200220042
Angel of Winter Ornament200320040
Angel of Wishes Ornament200220141
Angel of Wonder Ornament200420091
Angel's Embrace Ornament20030
Beautiful Wishes Ornament20157
Bloom Ornament20192
Bright Star Ornament200720170
Butterfly Ornament20202
Celebrate Ornament200520101
Comfort Ornament200520070
Courage Ornament200720170
Dance of Life Ornament20133
Dreaming Angel Ornament200720120
Embrace Ornament200420070
Family Ornament200420102
For You Ornament20191
Forget-me-not Ornament20191
Friendship Ornament20140
Friendship Ornament200420103
Good Cheer! Ornament20190
Good Health Ornament200520081
Happiness Ornament200620140
Heart of Gold Ornament200620091
Holy Family Ornament200420103
Hug Ornament200520070
Journey Ornament20202
Just for You Ornament20082
Lot Sof Love Ornament20166
Love of Learning Ornament20085
Loving Angel Ornament200320175
Magnolia Ornament20202
Mi Casa Ornament200620091
Mother and Daughter Ornament200420101
Remembrance Ornament20158
Serenity Ornament200420061
Sign for Love Ornament20056
Soar Ornament20166
Song of Joy Ornament20131
Spirit of Giving Ornament201520181
Surrounded by Love Ornament20144
Thank You Ornament2004201511
Thank You Ornament20162
Thank You Plaque Ornament200620095
The Dancer Ornament200620085
Thinking of You Ornament200610
True Ornament200520070
Truly Golden Ornament201420180
Warm Embrace Ornament20202
Wisdom Ornament200520092
With affection Ornament20057
You're the Best! Ornament20150

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