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Willow Tree Listed By Name

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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
A Healing Wish Keepsake Box2023Keepsake Boxes4
A tree, a prayer2007Angels & Figures150
A tree, A prayer Candleholder20092015Candleholders0
A tree, a prayer Journal20102016Journals0
A tree, a prayer Memory Box2008Memory Boxes8
A tree, a prayer Metal-edged Ornament20092020Metal-edged Ornaments1
A tree, a prayer Musical2011Musicals5
A tree, a prayer Ornament2008Figurative Ornaments10
A tree, a prayer Trellis Ornament20112016Trellis Ornaments3
Abundance2013Angels & Figures62
Abundance Ornament2016Figurative Ornaments3
Adorable You (dark Dog)2020Angels & Figures13
Adorable You (golden Dog)2020Angels & Figures8
Always2013Angels & Figures137
Angel Love20102019Angels & Figures52
Angel of Autumn20022010Angels & Figures47
Angel of Autumn Ornament20032004Figurative Ornaments0
Angel of Beauty20002002Angels & Figures31
Angel of Beauty Ornament20012003Figurative Ornaments6
Angel of Caring2002Angels & Figures170
Angel of Caring Ornament20032004Figurative Ornaments0
Angel of Christmas Spirit20012006Angels & Figures11
Angel of Comfort20012003Angels & Figures63
Angel of Comfort Ornament20022007Figurative Ornaments0
Angel of Freedom2009Angels & Figures76
Angel of Freedom20002004Angels & Figures5
Angel of Freedom Ornament20012003Figurative Ornaments1
Angel of Friendship20002010Angels & Figures518
Angel of Friendship Ornament2001Figurative Ornaments20
Angel of Friendship Trellis Ornament20112016Trellis Ornaments0
Angel of Giving20002002Angels & Figures16
Angel of Giving Ornament20012002Figurative Ornaments1
Angel of Grace20012014Angels & Figures47
Angel of Grace Ornament20022007Figurative Ornaments5
Angel of Happiness20012004Angels & Figures60
Angel of Happiness Ornament20022004Figurative Ornaments0
Angel of Harmony2002Angels & Figures27
Angel of Harmony Ornament20032007Figurative Ornaments2
Angel of Healing2000Angels & Figures340
Angel of Healing Ornament20012003Figurative Ornaments0
Angel of Hope20012010Angels & Figures138
Angel of Hope Ornament2014Figurative Ornaments9
Angel of Hope Ornament20022014Figurative Ornaments6
Angel of Joy20002002Angels & Figures12
Angel of Kindness20002004Angels & Figures3
Angel of Kindness Ornament20012003Figurative Ornaments1
Angel of Learning20002010Angels & Figures365
Angel of Learning Ornament20012014Figurative Ornaments16
Angel of Light20002003Angels & Figures92
Angel of Light Ornament20142017Figurative Ornaments0
Angel of Light Ornament20012003Figurative Ornaments5
Angel of Love20002002Angels & Figures31
Angel of Mine2004Angels & Figures90
Angel Of Mine Gift Set2017New Baby1
Angel of Mine Memory Box20082018Memory Boxes1
Angel of Miracles20032014Angels & Figures61
Angel of Miracles Ornament20042012Figurative Ornaments4
Angel of My Heart20102010Angels & Figures11
Angel of Patience20012003Angels & Figures54
Angel of Patience Ornament20022003Figurative Ornaments2
Angel of Peace20002002Angels & Figures24
Angel of Prayer20002014Angels & Figures412
Angel of Prayer Keepsake Box20042012Keepsake Boxes7
Angel of Prayer Ornament2001Figurative Ornaments18
Angel of Protection20002003Angels & Figures22
Angel of Protection Ornament20012003Figurative Ornaments1
Angel of Remembrance20012010Angels & Figures223
Angel of Remembrance Ornament20022004Figurative Ornaments17
Angel of Song20002002Angels & Figures3
Angel of Song Ornament20012002Figurative Ornaments0
Angel of Spring20022010Angels & Figures93
Angel of Strength20012002Angels & Figures3
Angel of Summer20022010Angels & Figures53
Angel of Summer Ornament20032004Figurative Ornaments0
Angel of the Garden2003Angels & Figures114
Angel of the Garden20002002Angels & Figures0
Angel of the Garden Ornament20042006Figurative Ornaments4
Angel of the Garden Ornament20012002Figurative Ornaments0
Angel of the Heart (small)20002010Angels & Figures689
Angel of the Heart (tall)20002010Angels & Figures81
Angel of the Heart Ornament20012014Figurative Ornaments19
Angel of the Heart Trellis Ornament20112016Trellis Ornaments4
Angel of the Hearth20002002Angels & Figures7
Angel of the Hearth Ornament20012002Figurative Ornaments2
Angel of the Kitchen2005Angels & Figures28
Angel of the Kitchen Ornament20072012Figurative Ornaments2
Angel of the Spirit2002Angels & Figures50
Angel of the Spirit Ornament20032004Figurative Ornaments0
Angel of Warmth20012003Angels & Figures21
Angel of Warmth Ornament20022004Figurative Ornaments4
Angel of Winter20022010Angels & Figures66
Angel of Winter Ornament20032004Figurative Ornaments0
Angel of Wishes20012014Angels & Figures122
Angel of Wishes Ornament20022014Figurative Ornaments4
Angel of Wonder20022010Angels & Figures25
Angel of Wonder Ornament20042009Figurative Ornaments2
Angel Stand2003Nativities11
Angel's Embrace2002Angels & Figures23
Angel's Embrace Ornament2003Figurative Ornaments12
Angel's Embrace Trellis Ornament20122013Trellis Ornaments0
Anniversary2008Angels & Figures256
Anniversary Cake Topper2011Cake Toppers18
Antique Novella Decorative Arts Books20152019Decorative Arts Books0
Around You2013Angels & Figures59
Around You Cake Topper2014Cake Toppers5
Around You Musical2015Musicals3

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